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Significant weeds known to occur, or with the potential to occur, in the region you have selected include the following 127 plants.

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African Boxthorn
    Lycium ferocissimum

African Lovegrass
    Eragrostis curvula

African olive
    Olea europaea subspecies cuspidata

African weed-orchid
    Disa bracteata

    Alisma lanceolatum

Alkali Sida
    Malvella leprosa

Alligator Weed
    Alternanthera philoxeroides

Annual Ragweed
    Ambrosia artemisiifolia

    Sagittaria montevidensis

Artichoke Thistle
    Cynara cardunculus

    Asparagus officinalis

Asthma weed, Pellitory
    Parietaria judaica

Bathurst Burr
    Xanthium spinosum

Black Knapweed
    Centaurea nigra

Black Willow
    Salix nigra

Blackberry nightshade
    Solanum nigrum

Blue Heliotrope
    Heliotropium amplexicaule

    Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera

Branched Broomrape
    Orobanche ramosa

Bridal Creeper
    Asparagus asparagoides

Broad-Leaved Pepper Tree
    Schinus terebinthifolius

Broad-Leaved Privet
    Ligustrum lucidum

Buffalo burr
    Solanum rostratum

Bulbil Watsonia
    Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera

    Cabomba caroliniana

    Salix xcalodendron

    Tribulus terrestris

Camel Thorn
    Alhagi maurorum

Cane Needlegrass
    Nassella hyalina

    Arctotheca calendula

Castor Oil Plant
    Ricinus communis

Celery Leaf Buttercup
    Ranunculus sceleratus subsp. sceleratus

Chilean Needlegrass
    Nassella neesiana

Common Osier
    Salix viminalis

Common Thornapple
    Datura stramonium

Common heliotrope
    Heliotropium europaeum

Common sowthistle
    Sonchus oleraceus

Coolatai Grass
    Hyparrhenia hirta

Coral cactus
    Cylindropuntia fulgida var. mamillata

Crack Willow
    Salix fragilis

Creeping Knapweed
    Acroptilon repens

Crow Garlic
    Allium vineale

Date Palm
    Phoenix dactylifera

Dense Waterweed
    Egeria densa

Devil's Rope Cactus
    Cylindropuntia imbricata

Downy Thornapple
    Datura inoxia

    Elodea canadensis

    Amelichloa brachychaeta

Eurasian Watermilfoil
    Myriophyllum spicatum

Fat hen
    Chenopodium album

Fierce Thornapple
    Datura ferox

    Pyracantha spp.

Flaxleaf Fleabane
    Conyza bonariensis

    Galenia pubescens

Golden Willow
    Salix alba var. vitellina

Golden dodder
    Cuscuta campestris

    Ulex europaeus

Grey Sallow
    Salix cinerea

Guinea Grass
    Megathyrus maximus

    Conium maculatum

Hoary Cress
    Cardaria draba

Honey Locust Tree
    Gleditsia triacanthos

    Marrubium vulgare

Horsetail (common)
    Equisetum arvense

    Equisetum hyemale

Hudson Pear
    Cylindropuntia rosea

    Hydrocotyle ranunculoides

Karoo Thorn
    Acacia karroo

Khaki weed
    Alternanthera pungens

Kidneyleaf Mudplantain
    Heteranthera reniformis

    Bassia scoparia

    Phyla canescens

Longstyle feather grass
    Pennisetum villosum

Mexican Feather Grass
    Nassella tenuissima

Mexican poppy
    Argemone ochroleuca

Mimosa bush
    Acacia farnesiana

Mossman River Grass
    Cenchrus echinatus

Moth Plant
    Araujia sericifera

Narrow-Leaf Cotton Bush
    Gomphocarpus fruticosus

New Zealand Hybrid Willow
    Salix matsudana xSalix alba hybrids

Noogoora Burr
    Xanthium occidentale

One-Leaf Cape Tulip
    Moraea flaccida

Paddy's lucerne
    Sida rhombifolia

Parodi Spike Rush
    Eleocharis parodii

Parramatta Grass
    Sporobolus africanus

Parrot’s Feather
    Myriophyllum aquaticum

Parthenium Weed
    Parthenium hysterophorus

Paterson’s Curse
    Echium plantagineum

Perennial Ragweed
    Ambrosia psilostachya

    Jarava plumosa

Prickly Pear (common)
    Opuntia stricta

Prickly lettuce
    Lactuca serriola

Purple Osier
    Salix purpurea

    Senecio jacobaea

    Salix xreichardtii

Ruby Dock
    Acetosa vesicaria

Saffron Thistle
    Carthamus lanatus

    Salvinia molesta

Serrated Tussock
    Nassella trichotoma

Silverleaf Nightshade
    Solanum elaeagnifolium

Skeleton Weed
    Chondrilla juncea

Small-flowered mallow
    Malva parviflora

    Acetosella vulgaris

Spear thistle
    Cirsium vulgare

Spiny Burrgrass
    Cenchrus longispinus

Spiny Rush
    Juncus acutus

Spiny emex
    Emex australis

St John's Wort
    Hypericum perforatum

Sticky Cape Gooseberry
    Physalis viscosa

Subterranean Cape Sedge
    Trianoptiles solitaria

Sweet Briar
    Rosa rubiginosa

Tiger Pear
    Opuntia aurantiaca

Tortured Willow
    Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa'

Two-Leaf Cape Tulip
    Moraea miniata

Variegated thistle
    Silybum marianum

Velvet Mesquite
    Prosopis velutina

Ward's Weed
    Carrichtera annua

Water Caltrop
    Trapa natans

Water Hyacinth
    Eichhornia crassipes

Water Soldier
    Stratiotes aloides

Weeping Willow
    Salix babylonica

White Crack Willow
    Salix xrubens

White Willow
    Salix alba var. alba

Wild Radish
    Raphanus raphanistrum

    Striga asiatica

Yellow Burweed
    Amsinckia species

Yellow Waterlily
    Nymphaea mexicana

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African Boxthorn - Lycium ferocissimum

Introduced as a garden or hedge plant in the mid 1800s. Now a serious weed, particularly on neglected land in arid temperate Australia. May produce thickets that become refuges for feral animals.... more

African Lovegrass - Eragrostis curvula

A variable species complex. Valued for soil conservation and fodder or regarded as a serious weed. Introduced for soil stabilisation. Common on sandy soils; capable of resisting drought and heavy grazing. Successfully competes with low grow... more

African olive - Olea europaea subspecies cuspidata

A locally common weed of roadsides, neglected land and stream banks. African Olive produces fruit that are usually smaller and less fleshy than those of plants cultivated for edible olives and olive oil.... more

African weed-orchid - Disa bracteata

The species is self-pollinating. It forms dense colonies and replaces native ground flora where it occurs in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. First herbarium specimens were collected in Western Australia in 1944, in South Au... more

Alisma - Alisma lanceolatum

Thrives in shallow, slow-moving or stationary, nutrient rich water. A serious weed of rice in New South Wales.... more

Alkali Sida - Malvella leprosa

Above ground growth dies in autumn and new shoots grow from the root system in spring. Infests annual crops and pastures, neglected land, and ditch banks in irrigation areas. Not readily grazed. A crop weed in California, especially on sali... more

Alligator Weed - Alternanthera philoxeroides

Amongst the worst aquatic weed threats in Australia. Adapted to growing on damp land, occasionally flooded land, in shallow water (rooted in the substrate), attached to the bank (in deep water) or free floating. Will survive for a few days ... more

Annual Ragweed - Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Weed of roadsides, wastelands and occasionally cultivation. Major cause of allergy with pollen causing flu-like symptoms; contact with the plant can also cause skin allergies. The stem-galling moth, Epiblema strenuana, introduced for... more

Arrowhead - Sagittaria montevidensis

Mainly grows in inland irrigation areas of NSW, where it is a potential weed of rice, and minor weed of irrigation supply and drainage channels. In the 1980s it increased noticeably in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area of NSW. Also in creeks... more

Artichoke Thistle - Cynara cardunculus

There are two subspecies of Cynara cardunculus recognised, subsp. cardunculus and subsp. flavescens. Naturalised C. cardunculus very similar to subsp. flavescens are rangeland weeds in California, Mexico, ... more

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