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Significant weeds known to occur, or with the potential to occur, in the region you have selected include the following 67 plants.

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Acacia farnesiana
    Mimosa bush

Acacia karroo
    Karoo Thorn

Acacia nilotica subspecies indica
    Prickly Acacia

Acanthospermum hispidum
    Star burr

Acetosella vulgaris

Aerva javanica
    Kapok Bush

Alternanthera philoxeroides
    Alligator Weed

Alternanthera pungens
    Khaki weed

Ambrosia artemisiifolia
    Annual Ragweed

Ambrosia psilostachya
    Perennial Ragweed

Arctotheca calendula

Argemone ochroleuca
    Mexican poppy

Bassia scoparia

Bryophyllum delagoense

Cabomba caroliniana

Calotropis procera

Carrichtera annua
    Ward's Weed

Carthamus lanatus
    Saffron Thistle

Cenchrus ciliaris
    Buffel Grass

Cenchrus echinatus
    Mossman River Grass

Conyza bonariensis
    Flaxleaf Fleabane

Cryptostegia grandiflora
    Rubber Vine

Cryptostegia madagascariensis
    Rubber vine (2)

Cuscuta campestris
    Golden dodder

Cylindropuntia fulgida var. mamillata
    Coral cactus

Cylindropuntia imbricata
    Devil's Rope Cactus

Cylindropuntia rosea
    Hudson Pear

Datura ferox
    Fierce Thornapple

Datura inoxia
    Downy Thornapple

Datura stramonium
    Common Thornapple

Echium plantagineum
    Paterson’s Curse

Eichhornia crassipes
    Water Hyacinth

Eleocharis parodii
    Parodi Spike Rush

Harrisia martinii
    Harrisia Cactus

Heteranthera reniformis
    Kidneyleaf Mudplantain

Hydrocotyle ranunculoides

Hyparrhenia hirta
    Coolatai Grass

Jatropha gossypiifolia
    Bellyache Bush

Martynia annua
    Devil's Claw

Megathyrus maximus
    Guinea Grass

Myriophyllum aquaticum
    Parrot’s Feather

Opuntia tomentosa
    Velvet tree pear

Parkinsonia aculeata

Parthenium hysterophorus
    Parthenium Weed

Phoenix dactylifera
    Date Palm

Pistia stratiotes
    Water Lettuce

Pithecellobium dulce
    Madras Thorn

Prosopis pallida

Prosopis pallida

Prosopis velutina
    Velvet Mesquite

Ricinus communis
    Castor Oil Plant

Salvinia molesta

Senna occidentalis
    Coffee senna

Sida acuta
    Spinyhead Sida

Sida rhombifolia
    Paddy's lucerne

Solanum nigrum
    Blackberry nightshade

Sonchus oleraceus
    Common sowthistle

Sporobolus africanus
    Parramatta Grass

Stachytarpheta spp.

Striga asiatica

Stylosanthes hamata
    Caribbean Stylo

Themeda quadrivalvis
    Grader grass

Trapa natans
    Water Caltrop

Tribulus terrestris

Xanthium occidentale
    Noogoora Burr

Xanthium spinosum
    Bathurst Burr

Ziziphus mauritiana
    Chinee Apple

      1 - 10 of 67 brief descriptions - Click on a plant image or name for a comprehensive description.

Acacia farnesiana - Mimosa bush

Common on roadsides and pastoral land of inland Australia. Invasive in waterways. Often grows as scattered plants but may form spiny thickets that prevent access to grazing animals. Accessible foliage and young green pods grazed by cattle a... more

Acacia karroo - Karoo Thorn

Considered to be useful in South Africa. One of the most widespread trees in Africa. Potentially a major woody weed in Australia. Introduced a number of times and planted at scattered locations in southern Australia as a typically African t... more

Acacia nilotica subspecies indica - Prickly Acacia

Introduced to Qld in the 1890s. Initially promoted for shade and fodder. Since then it has spread and now infests over 7 million ha of Qld with smaller infestations in the NT, SA and NSW. Like many legumes, Prickly Acacia is hard-seeded and... more

Acanthospermum hispidum - Star burr

Common in northern Queensland. A serious weed of row crops and a contaminant of wool. A weed in many countries.... more

Acetosella vulgaris - Sorrel

Widespread and common. Usually germinates in autumn or winter. Seldom grazed and may be locally dominant in temperate pastures. Contains oxalates and is suspected of poisoning stock. Also a weed of crops in temperate Australia. Has been use... more

Aerva javanica - Kapok Bush

Often found on sandy and calcareous soil. Introduced to Australia in the 1880s to assist with revegetation of degraded rangelands. Now widespread in northern Australia. Only grazed when other more palatable plants are sparse. Produces masse... more

Alternanthera philoxeroides - Alligator Weed

Amongst the worst aquatic weed threats in Australia. Adapted to growing on damp land, occasionally flooded land, in shallow water (rooted in the substrate), attached to the bank (in deep water) or free floating. Will survive for a few days ... more

Alternanthera pungens - Khaki weed

Major weed of warm temperate and tropical areas around the world. Stock graze young plants. Widespread in wasteland, caravan parks, orchards and recreation areas. Spines are a problem with dogs and stock but are particularly troublesome to ... more

Ambrosia artemisiifolia - Annual Ragweed

Weed of roadsides, wastelands and occasionally cultivation. Major cause of allergy with pollen causing flu-like symptoms; contact with the plant can also cause skin allergies. The stem-galling moth, Epiblema strenuana, introduced for... more

Ambrosia psilostachya - Perennial Ragweed

Forms dense colonies. A weed of crops and pasture. Plants not eaten by stock. Major cause of allergy with pollen causing flu-like symptoms; plant contact often causes skin allergies. Epiblema strenuana, a stem-galling moth introduced... more

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