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Water Lettuce

Pistia stratiotes

Family: Araceae.

Form: Water plant

Origin: Native to Asia, Africa, equatorial America and considered native to the Northern Territory. Considered introduced to Queensland, NSW and WA.

Flowers/Seedhead: Small and partly concealed at the base of the plant. Flowers on a column surrounded by a whitish slit funnel-shaped bract (spathe). Female and male flowers separated by a membranous cup that prevents self pollination. The female flower is exposed before the male flowers.

Description: Perennial stoloniferous aquatic herb to 20 cm above water level with feathery roots. Leaves wedge-shaped, pale green, buoyant towards base, to 15 cm long and to 8 cm wide. Fruit a berry, about 6mm wide. Seeds oblong, about 2 mm long.

Distinguishing features: Distinguished by being free-floating with ribbed, spongy, velvety leaves and lettuce-like appearance.

Dispersal: By seed and vegetatively by daughter plants at the end of stolons. Seeds, seedlings and mature plants are moved by water and wind.

Leaves damaged by Neohydronomus
photo J.R.Hosking

Notes: Reproduces mainly by daughter plants. Under tropical conditions in nutrient rich water, it will produce luxuriant growth, expand rapidly and form obstructive mats. Known to harbour disease-causing mosquitoes. Frost sensitive. Insects, such as the weevil Neohydronomus affinus, have been introduced for biocontrol in Australia.


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Dense feathery roots

Prolific growth (below piggery) Dawson River,
Moura, Qld, May

This weed has been included in the WEEDeck field guide as card W07

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Australia > > Water Lettuce


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