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Mikania micrantha

IMPORTANT: IF YOU SUSPECT THE PRESENCE OF THIS PLANT, PLEASE REPORT IT BY CALLING 1800 084 881 (local call cost anywhere in Australia).

Alternative Name(s): Mile-a-minute

Family: Asteraceae.

Form: Vine

Origin: Native to tropical America.

Flowers/Seedhead: In heads with 4 small flowers (florets). Flowers most of year.

Description: Climbing or creeping perennial with stems to 6 m long. Leaves 4–13 cm long, opposite, heart-shaped or triangular, with or without teeth. Seeds are black, linear oblong, about 1.5 mm long, with parachute-like white bristles at the top of the seed (pappus).

Distinguishing features: Distinguished by creeping or twining habit, ribbed stems, leaves with heart-shaped base and pointed apex and clusters of white flowers that are in heads, 4.5–6 mm long.

Dispersal: Seed is wind-dispersed or moved by machinery or water. Roots from the nodes, and spread is aided by cultivation that breaks up the runners and moves viable pieces.

Flowerheads & leaves
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Notes: Reputed to contain substances that inhibit growth of other plants. Will tolerate shade, making it invasive under tree crops. First recorded at Mission Beach, Queensland in 1998; now known from a number of locations in north Queensland. A major weed of agriculture in tropical areas in Asia.


    World’s Worst Weeds. L. Holm et al., 1988, page 322.

Showing opposite leaves

Smothering roadside vegetation
on Christmas Island
photo A.Mitchell

This weed has been included in the WEEDeck field guide as card V12

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Australia > > Mikania


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