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Bryophyllum delagoense

Alternative Name(s): Kalanchoe tubiflora, Bryophyllum tubiflorum.

Family: Crassulaceae.

Form: Herb

Origin: Native to Madagascar.

Flowers/Seedhead: Flowers: In a flat-topped cluster with drooping, bell-shaped, orange-red to scarlet, 4-lobed flowers 23cm long. Flowers mainly winter to spring.

Description: Perennial herb to 1 m high. Leaves notched near apex, 215 cm long, succulent, without a stalk (sessile). Fruit dry and containing many seeds.

Distinguishing features: Distinguished by erect cylindrical stems; simple, almost cylindrical, pale green to pale brown leaves with dark green patches and a shallow groove on the upper surface, often with plantlets produced towards the apex, and drooping tubular flowers.

Dispersal: Seed and by plantlets produced in notches on the margin of the cylindrical leaves.

Confused With: Hybrid Mother-of-Millions Bryophyllum daigremontianum x Bryophyllum delagoense has V-shaped leaves (see photo). This hybrid is widespread in south-east Queensland and northern NSW but is not as common as Bryophyllum delagoense.

Flowers tubular & orange-red

Notes: Mother-of-Millions forms colonies on roadsides and vacant land. Garden escape. Plants, particularly flowers, are poisonous to stock.


    Flora of NSW. G. Harden (ed), Vol. 1, 1990, page 528. Weeds. B. Auld and R. Medd, 1987, page 157.

Hybrid Mother-of-Millions B. daigremontianum
x B. delagoense has folded leaves

Leaves purplish-pink, nearly round with
plantlets at the tip

This weed has been included in the WEEDeck field guide as card H14.
More information about WEEDeck is available from Sainty & Associates Pty. Ltd.

It has also been included in the 'Jumping the Garden Fence' report (WWF-Australia PDF - 1.19mb) which examines the impact of invasive garden plants on Australian agricultural land and natural ecosystems.


Australia > > Mother-of-Millions


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